Warboy has become firmly established as a leading figure in London’s underground club scene over the past decade, having been closely involved in some of the city’s most definitive experimental nights, including: Caligula; All You Can Eat; and Kash Point.

Continuing his commitment to developing new talent and ideas in culture, sexuality and dance music, he currently promotes two monthly club nights – the polysexual underworld SOS at East Bloc and Heroes at Egg, which has staged an impressive collection of international DJs.

His productions and DJ sets are eclectic and draw on anything from tribally tech house, acid, to dark Hi-NRG. Strong, swinging percussion and vocal content bouncing on weighty basslines tend to be his overarching style.

DJ Mag noted that he ‘remains one of alternative clubland’s greatest forces who is constantly ahead of the curve’.

Warboy considers himself as ‘a chavvy Peter Pan with a creative brain’.