Lucious is fresh and very promising. His approach to music is completely connected to his memories experienced in life or in dreams.

He takes pleasure in playing with different genres and testing boundaries of what may be accepted as part of his set.

Born in Brazil in 1983 he changed his natural habitat by moving to Europe in 2005 first for a short period of time taking residence in Munich then London. The idea behind it all was to collect as much information about culture and scenes as possible; Brazil was no longer exciting and groundbreaking in his point of view, it was time to move on.

Music was something he was born feeling it running through his veins and was then never able to get away from it. As a child he used to sing and play keyboard, as a teen he was already DJing free of pretension at all friend’s parties and it was just a natural course to start doing it professionally.

One of his first projects was to bring avant-garde music podcasts through iTunes, which are still available for download opening the doors to his young but very exciting career as a DJ. His sets have a very modern feel, they’re full of energy and audacity mixing styles that go from latin beats to german techno going through classic house and new disco.

He is now exploring new horizons and opportunities in the market to showcase his skills as well as his natural talent as a daring new artist. His late night house parties are infamous bringing celebrities and names of the likes of Azari & III, Florence and Hercules and Love Affair to enjoy what he likes to do best, provide people with the perfect atmosphere to have fun and enjoy themselves to the maximum.

Many new projects are under his sleeves and most of them still forbidden to be talked about. Lucious is an artist that takes his music with joie de vivre and wishes he would only do the same about his deluxe playful image.