Hi, my name is Mario, aka Dj MV Porter, and if you asked me when music became my addiction, I’d have to answer I was four or five years old. I couldn’t even reach the turntable, and I didn’t know where the needle went, so I used to drop in the middle of the record which I couldn’t see anyhow. I have my Dad to thank for passing on to me his passion for electronic, progressive and even classical music. He made me fall in love with Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk, Mike Oldfield and Jean Michelle Jarre. When I was old enough to go and buy records by myself, my life was already massively influenced by artists like Prince, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, the Smiths and too many more to mention. I truly am into most genres from Azari & III to ZZ Top, as long as it’s intelligent, provocative and comes from the heart. My sets swerve from disco to house at the click of a mouse (quote! BoysNoize, 2005 :-) and I often I go from minimal techno to hard electro, I love it all. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some huge talents like the Hoxton Whores, Deadmou5, Sister Bliss, Miss Jules and Dirty South to name just a few, and I have played in many London clubs like Barcode, Turnmills, Canvas, The Cross, The Key and Vauxhall’s Factory, Crash and Hidden. I can’t deny that for the first year or two I used to shake like a leaf – literally – every time I hit those decks, but people never seemed to mind and they just kept coming back. Things really took off when I met Diego CK as he was catching the same flight as me, all sweaty and running around with his bag of vinyl just like I was. We just laughed at each other, shook hands, and DeesFactory and the CK family was born. Last event? A three day CK Family 7th Anniversary tech-house mayhem festival in Tenerife in March 2012. Rave on and peace to the soul. Music is my life.